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Extra shout out to:

***Special thanks to our amazing Chef Mentor, Rhonda Sweet from MIX Kitchen Creative Space at Missional Wisdom + United Methodist for all of your love and support sponsoring our cooks over the years - We HEART You!

B4 is not only an educational program but also a catering business. All cooking is done by refugee women with unparalleled quality and authenticity. The community cooks themselves attend catering events, creating an immersive unique culinary experience where diners can learn and connect while they eat. B4 offers a wide range of global cuisines, from Syria to Afghanistan.


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B4 is Now POWERED BY TMWF the Nonprofit

B4 is now POWERED by TMWF, we're merging with the powerhouse nonprofit as our umbrella. 


TMWF's vision is to strive to be the leading culturally sensitive agency supporting the needs of survivors of domestic violence. The mission empowers, promotes and supports all women and their families through ​anti-domestic violence education, interfaith outreach, philanthropy and social services.​

As EVERYONE deserves to live in a violence free world.​ B4's culinary education will now be available to the women from the dv shelters. We're going to save lives together, one bite at a time.

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